94 Limited Edition Case (iPhone 14 Pro)

(excl VAT)

Only 94 cases available in the world. A fully customizable made-to-order case designed by Pininfarina with highest quality materials. Including the sustainable solution of using dead-stock leathers of renowned Pininfarina automobiles. Each case has a serial number engraved to record its rare existence. 


  • Each holder of the case gets to visit Pininfarina headquarter in Italy followed by special lunch or dinner with the designer*
  • Lifetime product insurance - up to 3 new cases exchange
  • NFT certificate will be issued upon shipment of the product*

The design of iPhone cases was inspired by Pininfarina Modulo, a legendary concept car, an icon, and a milestone in the history of Pininfarina. It made its world debut at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show and it won 22 international design awards.
Pininfarina designer Paolo Lugaro has beautifully crafted the detailed design of Pininfarina Modulo into the cases, such as its 24 holes in the engine cover and its elegant and unprecedented curves. During the two-year development period, we have honed the details to the nearest 0.1mm.
The cases are carefully crafted one by one in Italy, at one of the finest factories that produces luxury goods using the latest technology.


  • Delivery: The products are made-to-order. Shipment will begin 2-3 months after the purchase. Delivery may be subject to change due to material supply.
  • VAT payment will occur separately upon product arrival
  • Product size: 156 × 77.45 × 17.66mm
  • Weight: 111g


*Accommodation and flight are not included for the visit. An email including NFT instruction and visit to Pininfarina will be sent once the product is shipped.